Concorde - The Great Collaboration

Concorde - The Great Collaboration Colour, with commentary, documents the collaboration between Britain & France on the complete research & development into Concorde. Circa late 1960s
00:01:11 00:01:36 Sky, clouds, graphic shape of Concorde
00:01:36 00:02:30 Electronics, enigeers, computer room, title sequence
00:02:31 00:02:45 Graphics showing various different aircraft shapes considered for the design of Concorde
00:02:46 00:06:30 Windtunnel trials, research into aerodynamics, kinetic heating, shock waves, airflow studies, data recording & analysis
00:06:30 00:10:14 Testing various materials to withstand flight at supersonic speeds
00:10:14 00:13:17 structures research, model in windtunnel, accoustic & vibration trials, effects of kinetic heating
00:13:18 00:15:34 proving tests of aircraft systems e.g. air conditioning, fuel systems, electrics, flying control, hydraulics
00:15:35 00:16:45 full scale wooden mock-up of Concorde for solving problems of installing all aircraft systems & fittings
00:16:46 00:16:51 flight deck mock-up, view of runway
00:16:52 00:17:35 flight research conducted with test aircraft BAC221 & HP115
00:17:35 00:18:38 engine research trials & testing
00:18:39 00:19:05 airframe mock-up for flightdeck & birdstrike tests
00:19:05 00:21:14 new lab test facility for Concorde trials opened by HM The Queen 1966, test facilities in France, conducting various
section tests of the Conccorde structure.

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