The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper In a Venezuelan slum a young girl practices on her clarinet and dreams a big musical dream despite her family's poverty. An inspirational story of the children living in squalor and danger in Latin America.
In Caracas, Venezuela where the streets thump with hip hop, Latin rhythms and violent crime, we are introduced to a remarkable project that's brought more than a million kids into the world of classical music. The National Youth Orchestra System is designed to steer kids away from the life of drugs and crime that has gripped so many youngsters here. 'The happiness, enjoyment and hope that practice in music brings to the poor neighbourhoods undoubtedly creates a tremendous barrier against drugs and violence', says project founder Jose Abreu. Allowing these children to dare to dream about a classical music career gives the community hope, even though only a handful will 'make it'. 'The beauty of music is a daily antidote for the ugliness around them.'

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