The Powerful Family Behind Fiat

The Powerful Family Behind Fiat Behind the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino is one of the most colourful money dynasties of Europe: the Agnelli family. The family is the largest shareholder of the group from which the fortunes of the Italian economy depends.


10:00:00 - A high profile wedding with a media presence.

10:00:23 - Wedding cake.

10:00:27 - Italy's rich and powerful at the wedding, including Berlusconi.

10:01:06 - Edoardo Agnelli's body in a police cordon by a bridge.

10:02:48 - Black and white footage of a young Gianni Agnelli climbing into driving seat of car.

10:02:57 - Black and white footage of a fleet of cars

10:03:47 - Gianni Agnelli at a race track.

10:04:39 - Black and white footage of Fiat cars on the road from the early 1900's.

10:06:06 - Colour archive footage of Fiat's success in the fifties/sixties. Fiats on racetrack.

10:06:23 - Colour archive of Fiat cars being built inside a factory.

10:07:53 - Fiat workers protest on the streets, forming a walking blockade.

10:08:17 - Crowds gathering to pay respects to Gianni Agnelli, and his family inside the church.

10:09:20 - Modern Fiat factory and a brand new Fiat car model.

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