Born Of The Sun

At Sekem Farm a delicately balanced relationship between workers and nature exists which, in a world sufferring from rapidly increasing population, may lead the way for the future of farming.

Born Of The Sun Born of Dr Abouleish's ambitious vision, the Sekem Farm is an ecological paradise in the middle of the Egyptian desert. Both a thriving business and a close-knit community. In this oasis, nothing is lost, and a delicately balanced relationship between workers and nature is established. With predictions of the world's population rising to 9 billion by 2050, the Sekem community may well be the future of farming.
Dr Abouleish's wife oversees the packing process with a watchful eye. From organic vegetables to healing herbs and children's clothing, business at Sekem is buzzing. But how could they turn a dry patch of desert land into a successful farm?

For Abouleish, the answer lies in composting. 'The biological, organic principle is based on symbiosis between all living things. Here, you produce this by using compost'. At Sekem, recycling organic waste has become a science. As opposed to industrial farming which exhausts the land, the aim here is to leave the soil in a better condition for future generations.

Sekem is also a new business model, a 'corporate model for the 21st century, which combines business success with social and cultural development'. With schools, a clinic and even a theatre on site, Sekem's workers feel they work for their community and not just for a boss: 'It belongs to us all, not to the doctor alone'

But the real beauty of this project is the bold optimism, which emanates from everyone. Whether in the schools, the fields or the research lab, all who work at Sekem believe that they can make a difference on a global scale. And who knows, maybe they will.

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