Care Home

Care Home With more and more Australians living longer the task of finding quality care for people who can't look after themselves is getter tougher. Right now across Australia there are 170,000 people in aged care nursing homes. By 2030 that number will be closer to half a million. The Federal Government says that Australia has a first rate system which looks after its most senior citizens, but is that really the case? We follow four families who struggle to find quality care for their loved ones. They tell how their parents were mistreated, how serious illnesses were ignored and how the complaints procedure, that is supposed to protect patients, did not properly investigate cases or refused to acknowledge significant evidence of negligence.

00:44 - Foot exercises in nursing homes
03:58 - Nursing home exterior
07:00 - Bed sore wounds
20:07 - Nurse training in care homes
29:55 - Patient in wheelchair
30:50 - Zimmer frames in nursing home
31:03 - Nursing home dining room
34:39 - Care home exterior
36:42 - Leg bed sores
40:28 - Elderly boarding bus
42:25 - Family in garden at nursing home

Key terms: nursing homes, care homes, old peoples home, neglect, elderly

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