Superdump After 120 years of gold mining, the land and water on Gauteng's far West Rand are some of the most polluted in the country.

The mine dumps that dot the area west of Johannesburg have been identified as public health risks. One of the biggest problems is uranium seeping into the watercourses, turning the sediment both poisonous and radioactive. Ecologists, the community and the mines all agree that the mine dumps must go. But no-one can agree what to do with them.

This edition of Special Assignment takes a look at community resistance against two proposals to reprocess the mine dumps and relocate the resulting waste. Communities are clashing with the mines over two proposed 'superdumps' - mega-mine dumps proposed for Fochville and Randfontein.

Should these communities suffer for the health of the entire region? And what impact will these superdumps have on food security?

02:12:10 Western Gauteng- mine dumps. Pollution.
02:25:02 Canoe-lake- South Africa.
02:36:04 Aerial view landscape South Africa plains.
02:52:01 Motorway- South Africa.
03:07:10 Activist interview near abandoned mines
03:39:04 Canal- pollution.
04:14:12 Farmland. Deserted motorway.
04:46:11 Map of South Africa.
05:43:11 Donaldson Dam.
05:51:05 Boating Lake.
06:22:01 Dead fish. Pollution.
06:26:11 Canoe. Big fish.
07:17:18 Cattle grazing.
07:31:17 Farm. Tambo settlement.
09:02:21 Toxic dust mountains.
09:28:05 Tailings Dams.
10:02:01 Mine Dump- dead trees, dried up lakes.
10:48:09 Local Farmer. Dogs.
11:36:07 Arid landscape.
11:37:21 Remains of the farm stall- bought out.
12:02:18 Prairie farm.
12:50:01 Water cannon - depositing plant.
13:09:16 Aerial view South African plains.
13:31:16 Plans for Tailings Reclamation Schemes.
13:57:04 Two biggest mine dumps viewed from air.
14:25:13 Stables- doors. Farm.
14:33:01 Dog health examination.
14:50:11 Big weathervane CU.
15:09:02 Plough going through cornfields.
15:59:08 Farm equipment- harvesting.
16:55:04 Farmland, cows, stables.
17:01:08 Bulls.
20:43:08 Winding road in middle of farmland.
20:47:15 Protest against the planned Super dump.
20:47:15 Kids playing around pipeline.

Key terms: south africa, gold mining, dumps, waste, pollution, plains, farmland

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