Umberto Eco

Umberto Eco It's a big month for Italian writer and semiotician Umberto Eco. As his new book 'The Vertigo of Lists' is released in 10 languages, he also takes on the honoured role of guest curator at the Louvre.
Eco's book is about enumeration - lists without a system. Eco believes the world is saturated with infinite lists, found in everything from classic literature, to shop windows. "The window-display is a long, enticing list, designed to make us want to buy." Now Eco has taken on the curator's role at the Louvre. Museums also illustrate enumeration perfectly. Each museum is a huge row of separate pieces seemingly without order, except to the curator. But all these catalogues have been torn apart by the mass of information we call the internet. "It is the list to end all lists. It is an infinite collection of data. And it has one thing in common with all lists: total disorder."

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