Zelaya's Prison

Zelaya's Prison When a coup removed Honduras' leader President Zelaya - and he was flown out of the country still in his pyjamas - little did they realise he would be back. He returned secretly 3 months ago and is holed up in the Brazilian Embassy.

With violent riots and the country split over the legality of the actions taken by the military and interim government, this week's elections were supposed to provide a way out. Many Zelaya supporters equate his treatment to a military coup; "We won''t participate,- we won''t vote for anyone!" shouts his former deputy and union leader. Zelaya is currently seeking refuge in the Brazilian embassy following the news that he could not leave or travel without fear of arrest. "The situation has become so polarized that even the church can do little to affect a reconciliation", reveals a church pastor, after the Catholic church criticised Zelaya and recognised the acting provisional government.

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