Bishop Belo Report

Bishop Belo Report A powerful report on Bishop Belo, East Timor's most senior clergyman and his battle for his people. Oct 1991 people were running from Indonesian secret police. Shot man in Church. Archbishop Belo conducts funerals for the dead. Indonesian secret police surround the church as such ceremonies take place. Intimidation of those attending the Church results in recrimination and a dead man shot by the Indonesians. Protestors flood the streets and converge on the Santa Cruz cemetery where they pray over the dead man's grave. Indonesian police shoot and so the famous Dili massacre unfolds at Santa Cruz cemetary. Footage shows the Indonesians removing the wounded from the graveyard. Belo says many were killed after being wounded. Footage of Belo visiting Europe. Images of Portuguese colonial life shows Belo's early life, when he was a buffalo herder and through to his acceptance by the church. Powerful images of the resistance indicate Belo's early alliance with the resistance movement. The Church is shown to have had an unusually close relationship with the Timorese resistance movement. Many extraordinary images show the strange fault line that was drawn between the resistance with the church in the middle and the Indonesians on the other side. A horde of stone throwing Indonesian police attacking a church tells the story like no other could.
10:00:07:06 - protestors making banners
10:00:27:03 - people sleeping in Santa Cruz cemetery
10:01:24:58 - family asleep in cemetery
10:02:19:04 - church used for refuge
10:02:46:17 - church service led by Bishop Belo
10:04:58:22 - march for Timor independence
10:05:39:03 - Santa Cruz Massacre/Dili Massacre, people fleeing
10:06:03:07 - Indonesian police in Santa Cruz cemetery
10:06:47:02 - solider moving injured man from cemetery to be shot
10:08:11:08 - large open-air service led by Bishop Belo
10:10:51:03 - Timorese estuary, farming
10:11:38:00 - Timorese huts
10:11:51:00 - fishing boats
10:12:17:15 - Portuguese colonisation footage, some B+W
10:12:54:00 - Timorese tribesmen B+W
10:13:10:00 - Timorese landscape, mountains
10:14:07:00 - derelict colonial building
10:14:32:03 - church school classroom
10:14:35:23 - old footage of Christian School
10:15:18:15 - resistance fighters in mountains
10:16:21:00 - Indonesian soldiers
10:17:12:00 - huge procession through mountains
10:18:00:00 - Church congregation open air
10:20:48:17 - Protestors attacked by soldiers
10:20:58:05 - Bishop Belo comforting victim
10:21:54:22 - Demonstration
10:22:30:20 - Funeral at night led by Belo
10:23:57:20 - baptism
10:24:25:00 - children singing in a circle

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