Banking On Change

Banking On Change J.S Parthibhan is a bank manager with a difference: he's interested in people, not numbers. Through micro loans, he helps villagers in rural areas develop a sense of entrepreneurship and self-respect.

Travelling on his moped to isolated villages, Parthibhan has made it his mission to bring his bank to the people, not the other way around. For him, reforming the system should happen at the most basic level: face to face. "It is about more than just dealing with money. It is dealing with people, with their aspirations." These villagers need a loan for a new kiln. He educates them about money and talks them through the process of opening an account. "If I were a doctor I would care for the people coming to me the same way as I do now." In the past years, he's successfully backed countless similar ventures: "You can talk about financial crisis, but the importance is cultivating people. If you do that, everything falls in to the right place". Now here's a role model for bankers from Wall Street to Tokyo.

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