Return to Haiti

Return to Haiti Two of the children affected by the Haiti earthquake are struggling to piece their lives back together. One was orphaned, the other trapped for over a week, how will they cope with the aftermath?
Jimmy and Fedora are two amongst many of the children who have had their lives shattered by the devastating earthquake in Port-Au-Prince. Jimmy lives in a dirt floor makeshift tent with his aunt whilst Fedora stays in sheltered accommodation with other families. In order to survive Jimmy has to beg to earn money and is known as "the little rat". Fedora or 'God's miracle' as she is more widely known still has nightmares and has been traumatised not only by the quake, but also by their new living conditions. Children make up nearly half of this impoverished nation's population, and for so many of Haiti's young, the earthquake has left an all-too-visible mark.

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