The Catholic Chuch in the Czech Republic

The Catholic Chuch in the Czech Republic A report looking into the Catholic church's position of power within the Czech Republic and its continued attempts to reconcile old hatreds resulting from the atrocities and hardships of World War 2.

10:24:50 - St. Vitus Cathedral
10:25:10 - Street performers
10:25:23 - St. Vitus Cathedral
10:26:07 - Views of Prague
10:26:29 - Priest giving money to beggar
10:26:57 - People praying in church
10:27:02 - Interior of a cathedral
10:28:48 - Black + white stills children
10:29:28 - Black +white footage Nazis
10:29:52 - Black + white burning of Swatsika
10:29:50 - Black + white footage of deportation
10:30:38 - Black + white footage Czechoslovak president Edcard Benes signing decrees
10:31:52 - Ministry of Culture, Prague
10:32:28 - Views of Prague

Keywords: WW2, deportation, war, conflict, German

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