Elvira Fortunato

Elvira Fortunato A report covering the Portuguese team of scientists, headed by Elvira Fortunato, in their development of the 'heads-up' transparent touch-screen technology. Includes great footage of labs, scientists operating a variety of equipment, close-ups of scientific materials and machinery, including 'heads-up' technology.
00:00:00 Clip from Minority Report
00:00:23 Scientist, Elvira Fortunato, in lab
00:00:33 Lab machinery, scientists
00:01:03 Science posters
00:01:09 Transparent electronic device close-up
00:01:20 Chemical treatment of plate, scientist
00:01:38 Scientist looking into microscope
00:01:49 Lecture hall, presentation
00:02:30 Scientists/students getting into lab smocks
00:02:32 Scientists/students in lab
00:02:36 Close-up lab equipment
00:02:47 Microscope
00:02:49 Screen showing view in Microscope
00:02:56 Scientists in lab
00:02:59 Close-up Microscope
00:03:04 Scientific materials (pastes etc.)
00:03:11 Close-up scientific materials, inc. wires, battery and transparent plate
00:03:23 Hand with pipette
00:03:46 Atomic scales
00:03:51 Shot through a magnifying glass
00:04:06 Scientific equipment
00:04:25 Clip from Minority Report
00:05:03 Lab with equipment, inc Microscope and computer
00:05:14 Timer close-up
00:05:22 Computer screens, scientific graphics visible
00:06:12 Scientist in lab
00:06:17 Beaker, text on transparent plate disappears
00:06:25 Fibres (computer graphics/extreme close-up)
00:06:41 Newspaper cuttings
00:06:46 Scientist holding petri dish
00:06:50 Oven-type machine
00:07:13 Electronic microscope with computer
00:07:34 Mess on a desk: keyboard, cds, papers, remote, book
00:07:40 Lab
00:08:04 Computer in lab
00:08:13 Class in lab
00:08:26 Close-up treated transparent plate
00:08:56 Scientist opening cupboard full of chemicals, picking out a packet of gelatine
00:09:18 Folding a piece of paper
00:09:23 Handling transparent plate with tweezers
00:09:33 Placing piece of light-sensitive paper under a beam of light
00:10:10 Microscope
00:10:22 View through Microscope
00:11:04 Child's watercolour

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