Skateistan Amid the squalor of Kabul's war-torn streets, girls and boys are finding solace in skateboards. Meet the pupils of Afghanistan's first co-educational skateboarding school in this visually stunning film.

When a group of expatriate aid workers first created Skateistan, they could never have expected it to be as popular and as life-changing as it has proved: "It is solely because of the support of Skateistan that I am alive now", one student states. Amidst the relentless violence of Kabul, Skateistan is open to all, welcoming all nationalities and both genders. Fazilla has her school fees paid for by the school, and while not everyone agrees with girls skateboarding, Fazilla is still determined to do what she enjoys: "I really like skating and I won't stop". The problems facing Afghanistan are daunting but hope, confidence and opportunity can all be found in Skateistan.

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