The Khat War

The Khat War After 20 years of fighting, Somalians may struggle for food and water, but a powerful, mass-consumed narcotic is imported every day. We reveal how 'Khat' has become the primary fuel for war.
"Selling khat is a job like any other, and it is better than digging sewers", explains one dealer. In a country gripped by crippling poverty, the drugs trade is just another route to survival. Somalia may be without medicine or clean water, yet a daily stock of khat is imported with clockwork efficiency. The billion dollar business isn't just funding Somalia's wars, however. Abolishing hunger and fear, the little green shoots are distributed amongst soldiers and rebel fighters, literally fuelling their conflict. The majority of Somali adults consume the drug, and with each fix costing 2-3 dollars, the drug consumes their entire salary. As the daily mass consumption begins, the dealers laugh, "yeah...let your life cling onto a twig!".

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