Voting in the Military

Voting in the Military As all eyes are on Burma's elections and the international media struggle to gain access, hidden cameras in this report offer a ground level look inside the junta.

Cho Cho Nyein has spent seven years in prison for her political work, yet she is confident: "I do believe one can use this election to change the system". As the election approaches, the information war is intensifying. In a dramatic new step, Amnesty International is actively intervening by smuggling in radios. Handing them over to armed KNLA members to distribute, its a compromising position for the charity. Monks involved in the Saffron Revolution are also still active: "We do whatever we can, sticking up posters and organising", and yet intelligence forces recently imprisoned a senior monk for 15 years for owning a laptop. With Aung San Suu Kyi and over 2,100 other political prisoners still incarcerated, can Burma's people really escape from "living like scared frogs under a log"?

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