Uzbek Massacre

Uzbek Massacre In June this year ethnic tensions in Kyrgystan overflowed and a conflict ensued which killed hundreds and displaced hundreds of thousands. Now it is emerging that the government may have been behind the attacks.
Months after the conflict in June and the Kyrg government has yet to respond to calls for an investigation. Kuranda Seyit's report suggests government involvement in attacks on Uzbeks might be why. "although the initial violence was between two groups...the overall violence was much, much, much worse and was perpetrated against Uzbeks. It was clear that it was systematic. It was planned". Seyit brings us footage, smuggled out of Kyrgystan, of the aftermath of attacks on Uzbeks. Kyrgs always claimed the conflict was instigated by Uzbeks, "the Uzbeks started this". However Seyit and Human Rights Watch in their investigations have found evidence that the government may have been at the heart of this ethnic cleansing "there are serious concerns...government forces either actively participated in, or facilitated, attacks on Uzbek neighbourhoods".

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