Lost Village

The End of Life As We Know It

Lost Village The end of traditional civilisation is in sight. For the first time in human history villages across the world, once the cornerstone of the majority of the world's population, are dying out.

This beautifully shot film captures the story of just one of these vanishing villages; standing as a poignant testament to those like Lokarth Swami, proud resident of the remote Indian village Arawade, who get left behind.

80% of the Indian population live in small villages, but the number is rapidly decreasing. Tensions between ancient heritage and modern values are growing. And as commercialisation sweeps across the land, farming once the staple of employment is dying out. Rural-urban migration is a growing trend and experts predict that by 2025, slums will be everywhere.

"Is this progress?" asks Swami. The way of the city, lies on a bed of dissatisfaction: "People of the village are moving to the town. Townfolk are moving to the big cities. Big city people - they're trying to go to the moon".


The Producers

Gunnar Riemann has been devoted to filmmaking since 2006. FOr years, is constant travel and managerial responsibilities, lecturing, mentoring and advising others didn’t gave him enough time for film making. His strong desire to contribute and in a real sense add value to the lives of others inspired other professionals to join forces with him for this project: “We all invested part of us in Lost Village however Gunnar’s passion and how he engages one’s mind and soul is what made Lost Village so strong and clear”.

Making The Film

DIRECTOR GUNNAR RIEMANN -"We all know that many times we "cannot see the wood for the trees". This is how LOST VILLAGE came in to existence – it’s our attempt to promote a topic that is currently widely discussed, a topic that deals with a global dilemma in modern day society of immense importance and with unforeseeable consequences - the decline of rural village life as a worldwide trend. Same contradictions as one between the beautiful Arawade village and chaos of Mumbai we captured are all over our planet. We made this document as a 'wake up call' that points towards need for global reaction and solutions."

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