I Play Soccer

Soccer and Schooling in Sierra Leone

I Play Soccer Emerging from a decade long war, Sierra Leone faces a huge challenge to educate its deprived children. One such project uses boys fixation with football to draw them into the classroom and re-orient them for the civil world.
As their education system tries to get back on its feet, an innovative new football league funded by Football star Craig Bellamy and UNICEF, is helping to boost children's prospects by using a successful point score system. "Teams earn points not just based on match results, but also on things like school attendance, participation in community projects and fair play", explains Craig. The backing from UNICEF has undoubtedly given this project more confidence, "sport goes a little further, team building, understanding rules..." says Linda Jones, for UNICEF. Linked to hard-hitting documentary 'Africa's Game', this report shows a unique and inspired way of tackling change in Sierra Leone.

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