Rethinking Cancer Trials

Cloud computing is bringing us closer to a cure for cancer

Rethinking Cancer Trials Data gleaned through clinical trials is invaluable to researchers racing to find cancer treatments. With less than 5% of Americans taking part in trials, doctors are looking for ways to boost participation.
"The trials, as they were explained to me, are not a cure. It’s just about life extension... There is no cure for what I have, all we can do is manage", says Andy. Yet after participating in a drug trial, he is unexpectedly free from his kidney cancer. Since then oncologists throughout Louisiana have formed a network through which to share their research. "It gives researchers the ability to answer questions that otherwise would take a lot longer to answer and it provides greater access to these trials", says Dr Scott Delacrioux. Dr Bobby Green is excited by the prospect of nationwide data-sharing to discover why some patients respond so well to treatment. "Is there a biomarker that he has? We don’t know. But put that information together across a national database of patients and it can be really valuable."

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