Planet X

Planet X An intimate, behind-the-scenes journey through the French softcore porn industry.
'Planet X' follows adult filmmakers, actors and actresses on sets of film shoots and gathers testimonies from participants in every area of this thriving industry. The ultimate voyeur tour, this documentary provides an inside (and upskirt) look at an always controversial, yet never diminishing trade.

Time Code & Description

0:00:21 Photographers
0:02:33 Interview with a director
0:03:07 Actress and actor on set being filmed
0:03:38 Interview with a director
0:04:14 Driving through street
0:04:55 Director at home with family
0:08:20 Porn stars at award ceremony
0:09:14 Montage of filming of porn film
0:11:49 Porn star on photo shoot
0:18:39 Erotic dancing at exhibition
0:21:05 Porn star stripping in casting session
0:23:40 Las Vegas
0:30:46 Woman getting condom for man
0:38:11 Award ceremony
0:47:22 Las Vegas

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