The EU's Success Story

The EU's Success Story Poland was the only EU country whose economy continued to grow uninterrupted through the recent financial crisis. Whilst other countries have hit disaster, it has developed into a vibrant European metropolis.
In the university town of Krakow, young students are optimistic about their future in Poland."Warsaw is a truly fantastic place for business and the people are hungry for success". Whilst the youth in other European countries were rioting in the streets, Polish students were partying. They might be looking beyond the borders at the "new horizons" offered by the EU, yet they remain patriotic:"Poland has given me my education for free. I must return this investment". With the economy steadily growing, a prosperous nation of entrepreneurs is emerging."Young people want to succeed in business; they really fight for it. This is because for a long time this hasn't been possible for us Poles."

Reporter: Alfred Schwarz

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