Norman Mailer: The American

An exclusive profile of an extraordinary cultural icon

Norman Mailer: The American A provocateur, a rebel, a performer and notorious anarchist, Norman Mailer never stopped giving people something to talk about. Containing never-seen-before material, this shocking documentary goes beyond the Mailer of the bookshelves and bestseller lists to reveal Mailer the social critic, filmmaker, family man and lover, giving a rare and unique insight into the life of a complex, intellectual man and villainous hero.
 Norman Mailer: The American
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"Are you all truly idiots, or is it me?" he spits at a studio audience during a TV interview. Never one to mince his words, Norman Mailer was at once a journalist, novelist, poet, filmmaker, political activist, mayoral candidate and hell-raising socialite. Every aspect of his life was prolific and controversial, down to his six wives, nine children and numerous affairs. Even his relationship with the country he loved to write about was full of turmoil. "I love this country. I hate it. I get angry at it. I feel close to it. I'm charmed by it; I'm repelled by it."

Mailer didn't just write about major US events, he lived them from the frontlines. Yet he was never in any doubt about his motives for throwing himself into the thick of the action, admitting that what he wanted from his stint in the army during the Second World War was to produce the greatest novel written about it. A subversive blending of reality and creativity was something that extended into all corners of his life and art. "He took journalism and made it into this imaginative construct."

One infamous project, his film Maidstone, was shot in a hazy environment of sex, booze, drugs and outrage; "a Norman Mailer fantasy". Struggling to find a climax to the film, Mailer's cinema verite approach took on alarming new proportions. With the cameras rolling and his children looking on, his great antagonist, Rip Torn, attacked Mailer in blind frustration. "He hit me with a hammer, that asshole", Norman shouts at the terrified onlookers, blood streaming from his head. "And then he bit off Rip Torn's ear", recalls his ex-wife, a tone of resignation in her voice. Watching the old footage of the fight, she shakes her head and sighs; "he was mad as a hatter".

A keen boxer, his ex-wives all remember a passionate and charming but aggressive man, constantly on the edge of his temper. For the first time, Adele Morales Mailer, his second wife, talks about her experience of being stabbed by Norman as they hosted a cocktail party. "He said, "don't touch her, let the bitch die". That will be seared in my memory forever." Under enormous pressure to not press charges against her 'genius' husband, Mailer got away with the assault, later justifying it on talk shows by saying that he was curing Adele of cancer.

The man who once announced, "The greatest trouble with this country is that it is insane", came ironically to be widely regarded as an American icon, wildly living out his own definition of his beloved nation. From Marilyn Monroe hiding in her bedroom from him to him head-butting Gore Vidal, from debates and ideas to sex tapes, orgies and drag queens, this fast-paced doc offers a wonderfully revelatory profile of an iconic figure of 20th Century Americana.


Laurel Special Jury Prize, Dallas Film International Festival, 2011

Laurel Official Selection - Film Society of Lincoln Center Independents Night, 2011

Laurel Best Documentary Jury Award, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

Laurel Best Documentary Jury Award, Orlando Film Festival

Laurel Best Documentary Gold Award, California Film Awards

Laurel Official Selection - Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival, 2011

Laurel Official Selection - Provincetown International Film Festival, 2011

Laurel Official Selection - Cleveland International Film Festival, 2011

Laurel Official Selection - Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2011

Laurel Official Selection - Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, 2010

Laurel Official Selection - Boston Film Festival, 2010

Laurel Official Selection - Starz Denver Film Festival, 2010

Laurel Official Selection - Northern Ireland Foyle International Film Festival

The Producers

Joseph Mantegna is the founder and president of Zooma Zooma Corporation. Since 1993, the company has specialized in feature film documentaries, commercials, and music videos. After meeting President Clinton, Mantegna was chosen to direct a film that explores the ongoing search for solutions for AIDS, world hunger, and religious tolerance for his organization, the Clintoln Global Initiative. President Clinton introduced the film on Larry King/CNN.

In 2003 Mantegna produced the film Truth in Advertising, a blunt revelation of the inner thoughts of advertising companies speaking their minds. The film became a viral phenomenon. Other commercials that Mantegna produced included the ground breaking commercial "This is your brain on drugs," which is included in the MoMA Permanent Collection, and other notable campaigns for advertisers such as Nike, Target, Coca‐Cola, Kodak, Sony, Revlon, Chrysler, Volkswagen, McDonalds, Cover Girl, AT&T;, Hershey’s, Absolut, etc. Mantegna also produced an antidefamation message for GLAAD with actor/activist Alan Cumming.

In 2008 Mantegna’s feature film debut, P‐Town Diaries premiered at Newfest in New York City. The film is an exploration of the lives and history of the art and writing community in Provincetown, MA, and is currently airing on LOGO/Viacom entertainment.

Making The Film

I met Norman Mailer years ago in Provincetown, Massachusetts, at a small barbecue outside my friend's home. I watched in awe as he navigated effortlessly through a field of friends and fans. Norman was anyone and everyone; he could fit into any part of society he so desired. He was an amazing conversationalist; I liked him immediately. As soon as I got home, I jumped on the Internet and read every word I could find on Norman. I decided then to do a documentary on his life. Behind those eyes were the lives of many men, so I set out to find the real Norman Mailer, not the showman, the magician, or the shaman. The man I discovered was incredibly complex; filled with lies, contradictions, and betrayals; yet, also truth and love. Mailer lived and breathed through his writing, and produced a body of work that is unparalleled in its power and influence. He is undeniably our first literary Rock Star!

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