Past the Post... On a Dark Horse

Past the Post... On a Dark Horse This intimate and engaging documentary from independent filmmaker Kevin Harris, cuts to the heart of modern-day Zimbabwe; peeling away the many layers & examining the differing realities that make up this complex society.
This documentary journeys through the personal complexities that make up the psyche of President Robert Mugabe, the desperate situation of the refugee, the unrequited mission of a war veteran who took up the armed struggle at the age of fifteen, and the tenacity of the predominantly white, thoroughbred horse racing fraternity who are surviving despite the of invasion of their farms. All this is set against a thumb-nail backdrop sketch of the history of Rhodesia / Zimbabwe and the legacy of British Colonialism.


00:02:02 - Separation fence between South Africa and Zimbabwe
00:02:44 - Guma guma bandits patrolling border
00:03:07 - Women and children sitting outside refuge
00:04:23 - Rhodes Memorial Cape Town
00:05:08 - Stills from 1893 of the Settlers' War - subsequently building of roads and railways
00:06:16 - Horse Racing Gala Evening, Borrowdale Park Golden Jubilee
00:06:55 - B+W archive footage of church service
00:09:04 - Newspaper article covering decline of Zimbabwe
00:10:42 - Horses being exercised and cared for at stud
00:15:30 - Horses lining up in starting gate
00:15:40 - Spectators at horse racing
00:17:11 - Grooms working with horses
00:18:07 - Beit Bridge Border Post
00:18:34 - B+W footage of guerrilla fighters
00:20:45 - Zimbabwean bush
00:21:42 - Johannesburg Park Station
00:21:52 - Central Methodist Church shelter for the homeless
00:22:59 - Washing hung over the banisters in the church
00:26:50 - Black tie event at the Borrowdale Turf club
00:27:59 - B+W stills of ZANU fights in helicopters during the civil war
00:30:37 - Baobab tree
00:39:36 - Deserted horse racing ground
00:40:48 - Barking guard dogs
00:40:59 - Horses playing in fields
00:41:46 - Golden Acres Stud
00:43:40 - Ipi Tombi winning various races
00:44:34 - Ipi Tombi 6th February 2003 winning race at Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai
00:48:04 - Busy freeway packed with cars
00:48:59 - Seasonal workers in Johannesburg
00:51:24 - Inside the Methodist church - stained glass windows
00:53:59 - Makeshift shelters
00:57:56 - Jockeys talking with spectators
01:01:52 - Winning horse and jockey being congratulated

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