A Tale Of Two Mothers

A Tale Of Two Mothers One woman is busy making choices for her family, the other is busy surviving from one day to the next. This comparative tale from one city exemplifies the economic impact of access to modern contraception.
Jahanara is a single mother with seven children, living in the slums of Dhaka. She had her first child at the young age of thirteen. "If we had been educated, we would have used birth control." She can not afford to keep her children at school and their "miserable life" is a matter of scraping together enough money to survive. In the same city, factory worker Kadija leads a life a world apart from that of Jahanara. Her factory funds weekly visits from a family planning and sexual health clinic; she can afford to educate her only son and is in a position to make choices about her future. "Without the pill we'd have lots of kids by now. It would have been impossible for my husband to support us."

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