Toxic Napoli

Toxic Napoli In Southern Italy, the illegal dumping of industrial toxic waste has become a big business for the Naples mafia. As the trade continues, the environment continues to suffer and the death toll rises.
"In Acerra, people have been dying for over 20 years. They don't even live to 50", says one woman. In the Campania region some of the most polluted areas are being used for agriculture and grazing, allowing highly toxic compounds like dioxin to enter the food chain. "My daughter has already had three high-risk pregnancies and one miscarriage", says a father who is forced to live 700 meters from toxic garbage bales. Almost a million tons of rubbish are stockpiled throughout the region and behind it all is the largest criminal organization in Italy, the Neopolitan Camorra. A culture of illegality within industry and the inability of the authorities to curb the mafia's influence means that little is being done to halt this deadly toxic trade.

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