Football Mayhem

Football Mayhem As Egypt's football league is suspended after a deadly stampede in Cairo's stadium kills at least 40 people, we return to Egypt's 2012 riot in Port Said, which closed the league and left 74 fans dead.

Rocks hail down on the military vehicles, each carrying a soldier firing canisters of tear-gas. Plumes of smoke erupt everywhere. "We don't want this to end ugly!", one man shouts, as some protesters try to negotiate a ceasefire. The Muslim Brotherhood tries to placate the unbridled anger of the young. But it doesn't last long. The angry youths charge the ceasefire line. "Hey military, why are you selling us out?" The protests are not endorsed by any of the major Egyptian parties. The massive football death toll has rekindled frustration at the slow transition to democracy. Rightly or wrongly the football massacre is widely believed to have been punishment for Cairo's football supporters abandoning the old regime that always supported them. "They are the dogs of Mubarak. They are all dogs."

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