The Castle

The Castle As a stream of people pass by, how do you tell which ones have drugs in their stomach? This report offers a stark insight into the world of airport security, as they sift the drug mules from the tourists.
"Why are you in Italy? Holidays?" the Italian security guard asks, his tone tough as nails. "It's a gift from dad. I've just qualified", replies the quiet, unassuming young man from Paraguay. He's calm and his story seems entirely plausible. But the security staff aren't going to let him go. He's the perfect match for their profile. Horrified, he is told to strip and undergoes a full body x-ray. Unbelievably, the image of his midriff is covered with little black dots. "You have cocaine in your stomach, do you understand?" the x-ray attendant says to him. 5 other people have come and gone through rigid security checks, none of them looked as innocent as he did. This fascinating report offers us a startling glimpse of the day-to-day of airport security and reverses all of our expectations of who is a 'likely suspect'.

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