Fahion Week Nigeria

Fahion Week Nigeria If Charles Dickens had written a novel about the Lagos fashion scene, he couldn't have chosen better names for his characters: there is Justice the Christian zealot, Blessed the hairdresser, Mr Perfect the choreographer, and the grand master of ceremonies, Lexy Mojo-Eyes.
Nigeria is a country upset by corruption, civil unrest and religious tension. Homophobia, already rife, has recently been made into an official policy: homosexual "offences" are punishable by lengthy jail terms. It doesn't sound like the ideal breeding ground for a successful fashion week - but nothing seems to faze this buzzing industry, where being gay is suddenly transmuted from a crime into a networking essential. Even the severe pollution issues find a positive outlet in striking eco-couture - made from leaves and hay, or decorated with energy-efficient lightbulbs.

There will always be the fundamentalist naysayers, looking on with disgust and damning an entire industry to hell. However, optimists look at all this chaotic creativity that is refreshingly free from Western influence, and recognise Nigeria's great potential - if only it could escape from the grip of political and religious tyranny.


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