Fashion Week Colombia

Fashion Week Colombia If you're looking for an ethical fashion experience in Medellin, Colombia, you aren't faced with many options. Moda Colombia and Moda para el Mundo take place in a single week - the first suffering from the noxious Western trend of starvation-chic, and the second languishing under the influence of "narco-beauty", a hangover from the heyday of drug lord Pablo Escobar. Under this rigorous aesthetic regime, women must be hourglass-shaped - and, by silent implication, "surgically enhanced".
In this revealing episode, Charlet Duboc investigates the spectrum of Colombian fashion in kamikaze style. She literally freezes when subjected to the forced sexiness of a typical Colombian photoshoot, but finds hope in a new poledancing academy (which also teaches women to drape themselves around roadsigns, in a "sexy version of parcours"). The film also follows "Maria", who has chosen to undergo a gluteoplasty. After the operation, as she lies on her front in agony, her expression is beatific: now feeling like the person she's "always wanted to be," the pain feels like a small price to pay. But for thousands of Colombian women, for whom education isn't an option, quality of life is crudely dictated by the size of their "bits". At both ends of the fashion spectrum - whether the goal is to be curvaceous or rake-thin - it's clear that Colombia's common boast of "natural beauty" can no longer be taken at face value.


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