The Skeletons Have Names

The Skeletons Have Names After the death of Salvador Allende in September 1973, Pinochet's secret police established a reign of terror, killing and torturing many of his supporters. With new evidence and key witness testimonies we follow the survivors and relatives as they pursue justice for the missing and unnamed.
"We want to know the truth about what happened to Alfonso; like many other families we need an answer about what happened to him". Alfonso Chanfreau's family are fighting for justice against those responsible for his disappearance by challenging the legality of the amnesty that provided immunity for war crimes before 1978. Alfonso was severely tortured by the DINA, Pinochet's secret police, whilst having to watch as his wife Erica, suffered the same fate for eighteen days. Attempts to make them speak ultimately failed. Alfonso was then brought to the infamous German settlement, Colognia Dignidad, where many are thought to have been tortured.

Adriana Bórquez, who managed to escape, suffered twenty-four days of torture including attacks by dogs, trained to destroy sexual organs. She now lives in her hometown of Talca, where a group of survivors come together to make the journey back to Colognia Dignidad. Exclusive interviews with key Chilean political figures prove the difficulty of holding the guilty to account but the Chanfreau family are determined to continue their fight to bring about justice for Alfonso and the many others subjected to human rights abuses during Pinochet's brutal regime.


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