Arming the Opposition

Arming the Opposition Haitham Al Maleh is Syria's father of human rights and top of the regime's hit list. With extraordinary access, this report captures the secret meetings in which he co-ordinates arming the opposition.
"I am number one in their killing bill", Haitham tells us. Even from his base in Cairo, he knows that the Assad regime may get to him. But for him his lifelong mission is worth the risk. He claims that the Assad regime is a criminal one, that operates outside of any kind of law and must be stopped. "The regime stops at nothing. It's not deterred by religion, by ethics or by law. It is a regime that is out of control." So, Al Maleh has traveled the world fundraising for the Free Syria Army. Then, in secret meetings with insurgents, he's organising their funds and their weapons, even though he won't admit exactly where they come from. "I get weapons from everywhere. I have several sources." But even amid the plans to overthrow the regime there is a bigger picture that keeps resurfacing, the aftermath. Haitham talks of himself as president, but also of the city councils and national council that he and his rebel allies hope will form the governance of a new Syria.

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