Boob Cruise

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Boob Cruise This is the new generation of vacation. The Sex Vacation. 20 models from all over the United States and Europe will be hired as the crew of this next Boob Cruise, completely devoted to their 60 passengers' fantasies.
Costing around $10,000 per head, the cruise takes in the Caribbean on board the 360 foot sailboat "The Star Clipper". From now on, the 20 young ladies' concern is that the passengers enjoy themselves... They cannot just stay in their cabin!  Their big boobs have to be seen, photographed and shot as much as possible. Fitness, Beach Party, Islands Tour, Night Show, all part of the day will be a surprise. During the night, the passengers will give free rein to their wildest fantasies: Music, dance, barbecue, erotic games, just for know each other even better and to befriend your favourite models.

Exploitative, gaudy and surprisingly emotional: All aboard for the Boob Cruise!

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