Behind Malindi

Behind Malindi 15th century Malindi is a popular tourist destination, but not only for families; many people flock to the region in search of carnal pleasure. These commercial sex workers depend on tourists for trade.
00:00:00 boats on the sea, sunset, dusk
00:00:10 stock shots of streets, architecture, tourist on a boat, women in burquas, tourists, ice cream shop
00:00:58 hotel resort, ice cream shop
00:01:25 beach
00:02:17 time lapse, mosque, boat trip on the sea
00:02:58 beach, high angle shot of the city, tuk tuk, POV driving shots
00:03:54 beach, sea wave
00:04:28 outside a night club
00:05:08 moon behind clouds
00:05:12 interracial couples
00:05:49 inside a nightclub
00:06:14 beach, boys playing football, happy mother with daughter playing on a beach

Keywords: prostitution, prostitutes, tourism, sex

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