HD Voodoo ceremony

HD Voodoo ceremony Benin is a religiously diverse country with a majority of Christian and Muslim followers. But around a million people in Benin still follow Vodun, or voodoo, the indigenous religion of coastal West Africa. This footage presents a rare insight into this mysterious tradition.
Depicts chanting, dancing and sacrificial offerings which form this ancient religion.

00:00:00 Cotonou city views and Catholic procession. Statue of Jesus Christ. Nuns
00:02:16 Boys hanging out in the street
00:02:42 Voodoo street actor dancing, kids drumming and singing
00:03:59 Various shots of Cotonou
00:05:02 City view from the roofs
00:05:28 Cotonou beach, boat, Atlantic Ocean
00:06:17 Various shots of a slum, sign for psychiatric hospital
00:07:05 Waiting for a Voodoo ceremony
00:08:28 Voodoo dolls close up
00:09:00 Preparing for a voodoo ceremony, making sacrifices with flour, alcohol
00:21:34 More voodoo dolls
00:21:59 Dancing, singing, clapping
00:28:04 Pouring vodka
00:29:21 Older couple dancing, singing
00:30:42 Pot of beans, a man serving to plates
00:31:12 Family kitchen, yard, lunch after ceremony
00:31:43 wide shot of a busy street

Keywords: daily life, religion, ritual, tradition, voodoo, doll

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