Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution

Not Anymore:  A Story of Revolution Their lives have been torn apart, but female photographer Nour and FSA leader Mowya are determined to continue to fight the Assad regime. This powerful and tragic film gets startlingly close to their struggle.
In a normal Syrian street a little girl is singing directly into the camera when a mortar strikes just a few metres behind her, throwing the innocent scene into bloody chaos. With a horrifying proximity, the reality of daily life in Syria is brought into focus. "Somebody has to know what this monster is doing to us, to his own people. I'm making sure that somebody is going to know", says 24-year-old Nour. This articulate young woman has abandoned her teaching job to become a war photographer. "I'm not afraid of death", she says. "So many girls have died in their kitchen." Shaky footage shows a teenager run into an onslaught of bullets to rescue an injured victim. Nour describes the horror of watching the boy get shot dead himself before anyone realised it was her friend. "I'm not going to forget this boy. I'll continue to fight, as he did." Meanwhile, FSA leader Mowya wanders through the eerily deserted city centre of Aleppo. "Can you imagine Wall Street like this? People have dreams, they have their lives. All that's ended now", he sighs, finding a photograph of a small child among the quiet debris.

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