Frontline Marseille

Frontline Marseille Deepening poverty and unemployment in Marseille is causing murder and drug-related gang crime to spiral out of control. Locals say enough is enough and the authorities are now fending off calls to send the army.
"Solidarity! All together! All together!", shout the mothers of Marseille as they demand an end to the bloodshed that's engulfing their communities. "I'm here because I'm angry. I lost a nephew and I'm saying the violence must stop." Despite being Europe's Capital of Culture, Marseille is also a capital of murder. Its impoverished estates have become neglected, crumbling ghettos and police are faced with a new, very violent form of crime. "We don't want to work like this in misery. Most work in drugs. What do you do if there are no jobs?", says Hassan. People are fighting back with protests, but creating jobs and opportunity is impossible at a time of deep austerity. "When you can buy weapons like a pair of trainers, I think that country is in danger."

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