A Nation is Born

A Nation is Born South Sudan is the newest nation on earth. Whilst it struggles with it's own teething troubles, it has become the world's most dangerous place to give birth.
"The mother, chased the girl out of the house" explains a pregnant girls friend; with no money for transport, she had travelled for 2 days on foot, her baby no longer alive. Such is the shocking world of pregnancy within South Sudan. Cezerina a trainee midwife, is on her first days training, she is left to find a theatre "I do not know where I am going" she exclaims, stranded with a pregnant women in dire need. Midwife Rosemary explains the dire resources "we do not have infection prevention... we clean with plain water". However the hopeful determination of under resourced, and under trained midwives, seeks to save lives. With the first ever class of graduates helping to give hope to a stark problem, they face a huge challenge. For in Sudan, girls are more likely to die in pregnancy, than to finish secondary education.

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