Born Free

South Africa's Post Apartheid Generation

Born Free Born young enough to not know the legalised racism during apartheid, or to see hundreds die in the struggle for freedom, what does it mean to be South Africa's 'born free' generation?
"We're not raised to look at colour. That was our parents' struggle, our struggle is financial independence" explains Mbongeni, a young fashion designer. As the 'born free' generation strides out against the continuing injustices in South Africa; young entrepreneurs like Mbongeni are challenging the past to make a better future. His shirts are daubed with "kaffir" a white racial slur, as an attempt to heal the past and present, to "make peace". Sibu a young fashionista expresses this hope; "the arts say about our generation that we don't need anyone to build us, make us money or give us anything." Despite poverty, unemployment and violence, the 'born free' generation are above all pro-active, fiercely individualistic, and optimistic to change South Africa for the better.

Produced by Dateline, SBS Australia

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