The Struggle of the Untouchables

The Struggle of the Untouchables India's caste system has a legacy of persecution and discrimination. One of the few hopes for the country's 240 million Untouchables is a grass-roots movement that is changing Dalit's lives across the country.
Political activist M.C Raj has found himself at the forefront of The Dalit Movement. Born into the untouchable caste, Raj tirelessly campaigns for the recognition of the rights of the Dalits. According to Raj it begins with the right to own land. "Only then can we end dependence on caste forces", he argues. Discrimination against Dalits has been prohibited by law since 1949, but in practice segregation persists today. That's why, despite the significant gains made by the movement, Raj refuses to stand still. "Of course we always live under threat to our lives, but that is immaterial for us. We are ready to die. Our people should have land."

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