Net Loss

Net Loss Pacific Bluefin tuna have been fished to within an inch of existence. Stocks are at an all time low, but demand has never been higher and the trawlers pursuing them have never been more powerful or relentless.
East of the Philippines, and north of Indonesia, with vast expanses of blue ocean as its main source of sustainability, Palau is determined to protect its fish stocks. Its subsistence fishing interests and pristine reefs; waters and wildlife also make it an international eco-tourist hotspot. "Palau is so fragile and it is so beautiful that you just have to be responsible and minimise the risk that would destroy all of this for our children and future children", says Palau's president Tommy Remengesau jnr. Now the president is drawing up plans to make the 200 nautical miles of ocean surrounding it a no-go zone for international fishing fleets. "The unfortunate truth right now is with modern fishing technology, entire schools of fish are captured". This has resulted in local tuna stocks plummeting to 3 or 4% of their peak populations. To combat the ingenious fishing traps used as lures by international fishers, Palau use satellite surveillance to track and tag all fishing vessels in a 200 nautical mile area. The conservationists hope that Google earth and policing can eliminate foreign fishing within five years.

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