Ethnic Cleansing

The Ethnic Cleansing of a Nation

Ethnic Cleansing ABC Australia travels to Bhutan to glean further evidence of the way ethnic Nepalese are treated, and find a country trapped in time where even TV sets are illegal.
Since 1990, tens of thousands of ethnic Nepalese have been driven out of the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, ruled by a minority of Tibetan descent. Many have fled to refugee camps in Nepal where they tell a harrowing tale of Bhutan's attempts to clear the country of Nepalese-speaking people. Young men are imprisoned and tortured and are freed only if they sign a 'voluntary leaving' certificate. The ethnic Nepalese make up 50% of Bhutan's population and some have lived there for many generations. The Nepalese Prime Minister hopes that the people will one day be allowed to return.

Produced by ABC Australia

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