Shadow of the Wall

Shadow of the Wall The Berlin Wall: a notorious icon of the Cold War. On the 25th anniversary of its fall we meet three men who each played a pivotal role. They will never forget the deep impact it had on their lives.
"It wasn't possible to fly over the border. So we decided to dig under the wall", says Hasso Herschel, a daring 'escape agent' who helped many flee an oppressive East Berlin. Harald Jager, the man who raised the barrier between the East and West when the wall came down, remembers the astounding moment joyfully. "Masses broke into cheers, it's impossible to describe it." But for those who risked their lives to cross the wall, the historic moment was met with mixed emotions. Karl Hanz was tortured at the hands of the Stasi, his wife repeatedly raped and jailed, and their daughter - now estranged from her father - was also imprisoned. "I thought, look at this... millions of people can now enjoy freedom without having done anything against the system."

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