Breaking The Mafia Code

Breaking The Mafia Code On an island ruled by the mafia, one man is determined to stand up to the omnipresent and powerful criminals. This report reveals reporter Pino Maniaci's quest to expose Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian mafia.

The mafia has long been engrained in Sicilian culture, "like moss, which always grows back", as one boy describes it. As priest Don Salvia notes, "Until a few years ago the Mafia was everything. It was politics, oppression, power..." Today, in the studio of Telejato two giant portraits cover the wall: those of Falcone and Borsellino, two judges who lost their lives in their fight against the mafia. These serve as inspiration for Maniaci, an activist reporter who dares to name the Mafiosi in his daily news show. Despite constant threats, intimidation and several attacks, his fight against this invisible enemy and the pizzo or 'protection money' that they demand continues. "My dream is a Sicily free from the cancer of the Mafia, where my children and grandchildren one day will be able to live safely".

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