In the Name of Kanun

In the Name of Kanun As Albania moves towards EU membership, this report delves into their vicious tradition of blood feuds, a system of honour enshrined in blood that has claimed 10,000 lives since the fall of communism.
"Ten years ago my father killed a man in a fight at work", says 18-year-old Ahmet. "Since then, I haven't left the house because my life would be in danger." Ahmet is one of 800 youth in Albania forced into a life of isolation after becoming the target of a violent reprisal in 'Kanun', the ancient honour system. Trapped in his grandparents' house for his own safety, he lives in constant fear. But as Albania is in the process of EU accession, many like mediator Pashk Lleshi hope truces can pave the way for the prevention of blood feuds.

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