MH370 One Year On

MH370 One Year On One year after the disappearance of flight MH370, experts are still searching for answers. This report follows the struggles of Danica Weeks, whose husband was aboard the flight, and the ongoing efforts to locate the plane.
"I search on the phone, on the internet, just constantly looking for one piece of information that will tell me where they are" says Danica, who has desperately tried to find her husband's whereabouts. The search for MH370 is unprecedented - potentially covering more than a million square kilometres of ocean west of Australia, with no guarantee it's even there at all. "Lots of folks are doing work for us free of charge... because they believe in what we're doing... we can't leave this a mystery" explains Peter Foley from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. The Australian and Malaysian Governments are contributing up to $60 million each for the underwater search - it's the most expensive search and rescue in history. "We're determined to put in the maximum, the best possible effort, and if the aircraft is where we think it is, we're confident we can find it," Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss explains. The current stage of the search is expected to be finished by May, but for now the family and friends of the MH370 passengers remain in the dark.

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