A Eunuch's Life

What's life really like for India's eunuchs?

A Eunuch's Life Mumbai's eunuch community live a difficult life, plagued by discrimination and misunderstanding. However some are thriving in the heat of the Maharastrian night, working as dancers, writhing to the ceaseless strains of Hindi pop.
Contrary to popular belief most eunuchs are not castrated. They were either born of indeterminate sex or are just boys who want to be girls. There are about 700,000 eunuchs or 'Hijras' in Bombay, India, and they are at the bottom of the social heap. Their only means of survival is dancing, begging or prostitution. So unrespectable are the Hirjas that their one local businessman - a debt collector - is using them to embarrass debtors into paying. "Pay up or I'll send my eunuchs around," he threatens.
For the eunuchs it's a godsend. An honest days pay for an honest days work. But don't expect them to give up their dancing. These eunuchs are girls who just want to have fun.

Produced by ABC Australia

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