A Royal Hangover

A sobering portrait of Britain and its love of booze

A Royal Hangover British culture and binge drinking. These are two phrases that are uttered in the same breath with alarming frequency. When did alcohol come to play such a central role in UK society? And why can''t Brits show the same restraint that seems to come naturally to its continental neighbours? A Royal Hangover argues that Britain is only now waking up and taking stock of its decades-long over-indulgence and argues it's high time for an intervention.

"It really is the only documentary on drinking worth watching" - Huffington Post

"A no-holds-barred wake-up call to a nation no longer consuming the booze, but a nation consumed BY the booze" - Tribe Arts Magazine

"A Royal Hangover looks like it will offer a truthful and unflinching portrayal of one of the most severe problems in the UK today" - London Film Review

"A sobering look at a plague that has dominated the British for centuries" - Cleveland International Film Festival

"With wit and insight it creates an alarming and frank portrait of Britain's binge drinking problem." - Recovery Rocks

Laurel Global Health Nominee - Cleveland International Film Festival, 2015

The Producers

Writer and Director Arthur Cauty doesn’t drink and has never seen the appeal of it. Deemed a weirdo by his peers, he tackles the monumental issue of Britain’s drinking culture with a unique and highly personal perspective. In the past decade alone, Britain has seen a 135% increase in the number of alcohol-related hospital admissions and a record number of deaths caused by alcoholic liver disease. With so much shallow media coverage of binge drinking these days, A Royal Hangover underscores the why behind the national love affair with the booze bottle.

Producer Gabrielle Weller is also in her mid twenties and like Arthur has also chosen to avoid alcohol, but she is in no way a judgmental teetotaler. She too believes that an exploration of the root causes that lead people to alcohol is essential if we are to find a solution to this growing problem. Her great hope is that A Royal Hangover will ignite discussion, create more awareness and compassion around alcohol addiction, and perhaps even lead towards more national funding for treatment, education and preventative measures.

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