Shades of Bad

Shades of Bad New Zealand's violent gangs are changing face. From making sandwiches for needy children to spearheading community outreach projects, this report asks whether they are becoming a positive force in society.
New Zealand has one of the highest rates of gang membership in the world, with an estimated 4,000 members in a country of 4 million people. They have forged a reputation for violence and illegal activities, but many now represent changing times. A new initiative by gang members is seeing them make and deliver up to 500 free sandwiches every day to children who would otherwise go without. "It gives you a reason to get up the next day", explains Pink. And while it will be hard to shake off their anti-social image, many people, like school principal Maria Hamill, are starting to come round to the idea: "I think actions speak louder than words".

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