Weighing Up Prosperity

Weighing Up Prosperity Thirty years of rising living standards have left Qatar with an epidemic of obese children. Now doctors are trying to tighten belts and stem the tide on a major health problem that could have far reaching consequences.
"At the beginning I was fine, until I was in the third year at primary school. Then the Gulf tummy started to grow" explains Moaz, who suffered from obesity all through his childhood. A sharp rise in economic affluence, increasingly westernized diets and low exercise rates has lead to an explosion in the country's levels of obesity. 40% of Qataris are now obese and 20% suffer from diabetes, with 75% of diabetics under 45 years of age. As Dr Taheri explains, the effects could be far reaching. "They are going to be affected at a very young age with heart disease, problems with cancer, dementia, things that are going to affect the nation in the long term." Doctors like Taheri are hoping that a strict program of prevention, enforcing healthy diets and exercise regimes upon the nation's schoolchildren will be enough to limit the impact.

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